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PUMP!’s Water Cheeky

PUMP!’s newest swimwear collection has arrived, and you are not going to want to miss out on this! PUMP!’s new Water Cheeky is ultra-soft, ultra-light, and ultra-revealing. While other swimwear may hide your assets, the Water Cheeky leaves little to the imagination with its snug fit, fresh color, and sleek design which features unique and revealing front and rear cuts that are sure to help you stand out at any crowded beach, pool, or bar. Read on to find out why PUMP!’s Water Cheeky is your new favorite swimsuit.

Best In Show
Best In Show

If you’re on the beach, in the water, or relaxing by the pool, PUMP!’s Water Cheeky is the perfect piece of swimwear. With four different colors to choose from there is sure to be at least one that catches your eye. The classic Black or Blue will compliment any of your beach or pool accessories, from your flip-flops to your towel. Want to stand out a little more? The fresh Retro Teal or Orchid is the color you will need to catch anyone’s attention. Each Water Cheeky is made of a specialty blend of nylon microfiber fabric that provides UPF 50+, so you can swim, party, or relax longer knowing you’re protected and comfortable.

The UPF 50+ also ensures your Water Cheeky’s color stays strong and vibrant. These new, sexy swimsuits also feature new low-rise front and rear cuts that reveal more of your upper thighs and rear assets and that will have you feeling more confident than ever. The Water Cheeky also features built-in leg and waist elastics to support and accentuate your goods while keeping it securely in place, so you can run, jump, swim, and dive without the fear of losing your suit. If all that still isn’t enough to turn sunbathers’ heads, the classic PUMP! logo on the backside, printed using specialty Direct-To-Film technology, surely will.

No More Packing Problems

Whether you prefer staycations or worldly travels, the Water Cheeky is the perfect swimsuit for your vacation packing. With its streamlined design your Water Cheeky will fit into any bag or piece of luggage, no matter how overpacked you may be. Worried about those pesky baggage weight limits at airports? There are no worries with the Water Cheeky (size medium) as it weighs in at only .05 kilograms/.1 pounds, so you don’t have fret about using up precious weight with your new swimsuit. If you’ve ever been too nervous or too shy to wear something as sexy and revealing as the Water Cheeky, worry no more, as PUMP! has you covered. Wearing a swimsuit this light and this comfortable will give you a new level of confidence that only PUMP! can provide.

Boys Just Want To Have Fun

Before releasing the Water Cheekies, we had to take them for a test swim, and what better way than to head to sunny Cyprus. With its open skies, turquoise waters, and sandy beaches calling our names, we packed up and sent four sexy studs @goldengeorgiii, @mosesohenhen, @azimosmni, @biatbe, a world-renowned photographer @pantelisworld, and our very own videographer @joseladino to Nissi Beach for fun in the sun while trying out our new Water Cheekies. The boys suited up in their favorite-colored Water Cheekies and headed out on a yacht for a day full of adventure. After cruising around the clear, blue waters, the yacht docked, and the boys had a chance to explore the high cliffs and gorgeous grottos of the Ayia Napa Sea Caves. Thousands of years’ worth of erosion by the changing tides and crashing waves has created one of the most picturesque places in Cyprus, and it served as the perfect backdrop for our models and their new swimwear

After a day full of exploration, the boys headed back to the hotel for some much-needed rest where they spent the rest of the sun-filled day lounging by the pool. You can watch one of our favorite clips of the boys here! As the sun began to set, the boys headed out for another photoshoot as the only thing more beautiful than the sea caves is the golden sunset of Cyprus.

Summer Is Now

Whether your summer plans have you unwinding by the local pool or traveling across the globe, PUMP! has you covered with its new Water Cheeky. If you are looking for new swimwear that will have you feeling comfortable and confident while showing off your best assets, the new Water Cheeky is for you. With new, eye-catching colors and new, revealing cuts now, before summer slips away, is the time to add your newest favorite swimsuit to your vacation wardrobe. Check out the new collection here!

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