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At PUMP!, we understand the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle. Having a good diet, sleeping enough hours, and exercising are all important to maintaining your well-being. Exercising should be something you enjoy doing. That is why we came up with an easy routine that can help you be more active.

Before starting with the routine, consider the importance of comfortable and supportive underwear, and above all, remember to do each exercise with care. Take time to stretch beforehand, get some water to stay hydrated, and remember to take it easy, there’s no need to rush.


We are kicking off with the abs. This part is meant to help you build a stronger core that will make it easy to make different movements as we go on. Your core is about to scream, but it will be worth it.

The first movements are In-and-outs. This is a fantastic exercise to activate those lower abdominal muscles. Focus on controlled movements to maximize the burn. Ideally, go for three sets of fifteen repetitions each. Remember not to overdo it and go at a pace you can control and enjoy.

The next one is a bit more challenging. For the leg raises you are going to aim for three sets of fifteen repetitions. Keep those legs straight and controlled to ensure you’re getting the most out of every repetition. Try to elevate them as high as you can without putting you and your health at risk.

For those who have access to weights, sit and slightly raise your legs from the floor, slightly lift your chest, and keep those shoulder blades pulled back. Start rotating your torso from one side to the other. Weighted twists not only engage your obliques but also add an element of resistance for a more intense workout. If you can’t use a weight, just rotate from one side to the other. Get three sets of fifteen repetitions.

The Dumbbell Side Bend is great for the obliques because of its lateral movement. The dumbbell side bend is an excellent exercise to enhance the definition of your midsection. Stand tall, dumbbell in hand, and bend to the side. Keep it slow and controlled. Aim for three sets of fifteen repetitions on each side.

From a plank position, move into a push-up position one arm at a time. The Walking Plank not only engages your core but also challenges your shoulders and arms. It is very important to show control while doing those two sets of ten repetitions each.

Chest and Shoulders

Start with a Wide Press-Up, four sets of ten repetitions. Put your hands on the floor wider than shoulder-width apart and lower your chest toward the ground. This foundation exercise is a classic that targets your chest and shoulders.

Continue with the Dumbbell Shoulder Press, four sets of 10 repetitions. You can do it seated or standing. Press those dumbbells overhead with precision. Engage your core to avoid arching your back.

The Diamond Press-Up is great for your triceps and inner chest. Bring your hands close together to form a diamond shape beneath your chest, lower your chest, and then push back up. Try to get four sets of fifteen repetitions.

The Lateral Raise helps your shoulders. For this one, stand tall, dumbbells at your sides, and lift them out to the sides until your arms are parallel to the ground. Go for three sets of ten repetitions.

The next one is a variation that incorporates more movement. The Alternating Shuffle Press-Up challenges your agility and works your chest and core. As you perform a classic press-up, shuffle your hands and feet to the side between reps. Try to accomplish four sets of ten repetitions each.

For the Dumbbell Bent Over Rear Delt Fly do three sets of ten repetitions. Bend forward at the hips, keeping your back straight, and lift those dumbbells out to the sides. This targets the rear delts which helps with shoulder movement.

Don’t forget to try on PUMP!’s Tank Tops to give your arms total freedom for this routine.

Legs and Glutes for Days

Make sure to don your PUMP! Shorts or any of our revealing cuts during and after the routine if you feel like it.

Let’s start with a Dumbbell Squat, four sets of fifteen repetitions. Put your feet shoulder-width apart, push your hips back, as if trying to sit, and bend your knees to lower into a squat. Keep your chest up and maintain a strong posture.

Move onto a Bulgarian Split Squat, for this one, try three sets of twelve repetitions. This is an excellent exercise for unilateral strength and stability. Elevate one foot behind you on a bench or platform, lower your body into a lunge position, and then push back up. Use a bench that is steady and safe.

The third exercise is Straight Leg Kickbacks, four sets of twenty repetitions. Go on all fours, extend one leg straight back, squeezing your glutes at the top. This one is great for your glutes.

Continue with a movement that targets your glutes and outer thighs. For the Dumbbell Fire Hydrant kneel on all fours and lift one leg out to the side. Go for three sets of fifteen repetitions.

The Dumbbell Hip Thrust is all about glute strength. Get four sets of fifteen repetitions. Put your back against a bench facing upward and thrust those hips up.

Back and Triceps

Begin with Triceps Bench Dips, two sets of fifteen repetitions each. Position your hands behind you on a bench, lower your body, and push back up. Make sure not to force it or go so low as to hurt your shoulders.

For the Overhead Triceps Extension grab a weight you can carry and control, extend your arms overhead, and feel the burn in those triceps. Avoid swinging by activating your core. Aim for three sets of fifteen repetitions.

The Kickbacks are beneficial for your triceps. From a bent-over position, extend your arms straight back, focusing on contracting your triceps at the top. Three sets of fifteen repetitions.

The Pull-Ups engage your back, biceps, and even the triceps. It’s a classic pull-up, grab the rag, palms facing away, and lift your body until your chin clears the bar.

Finish with the Dumbbell Pendlay Row and do three sets of fifteen repetitions. Hinge at the hips, pull the dumbbells to your chest and squeeze those shoulder blades together. This final move ensures your mid-back gets in movement.

Well, that was quite a sweating session! Each exercise is a piece of the puzzle. Do it at your own pace without forcing yourself to carry a weight or do a movement you can’t control. Prioritize your safety. Make sure to do it regularly and add new movements or variations you prefer. Wear comfortable underwear that is also breathable. Keep it up and keep it PUMP!

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