PUMP! On Jockstraps

How to Use Them and Make the Most of Them!

So, you’ve decided to spruce up your underwear collection with something new and exciting. Or maybe you’re looking to get a special someone a delectable gift – doubling as a gift for yourself too once they put it on, of course… You’ve undoubtedly been graced by the presence of the iconic undergarment style known as the jockstrap.

Let’s imagine for a moment that you have just come across a jockstrap for the first time in your life, they might have stricken one of many possible responses including: “What on earth is THAT?” or “What on earth is THAT and where can I get ten?” (Shameless plug – right here).

Well, today, we’ll give you a brief overview on jockstraps and maybe you’ll want to add one or two to your underwear drawer!

Let’s begin with a quick history lesson on the jockstrap – seeing as underwear history never seemed to make it into anyone’s curriculums…

Invented in Chicago back in the late 1800s, the jock (initially known as a supporter) was born to provide protective support to the genitals of cyclists riding on uneven surfaces – resulting in fewer in damaged goods, if you catch our drift…

The overall design, while simple, proved to be effective: a waistband, a pouch on the front to nicely lift and support the wearer’s junk, as well as leg straps which wrap snuggly around the wearer’s thighs right under their butt.

Jocks have been trending not only for how well they perform during physical activity, but also for just how amazing they can make you look and feel.

Who are Jockstraps best suited for?

While it’s easy for us to say, “jockstraps are for anyone who wants to look good and show off their incredible body”, let’s take a closer look at the topic.

Jockstraps were initially designed with athletes at the top of mind. The unique design of a jock features a strategically placed front pouch that cradles the wearer’s genitals to subdue the annoyances, and potential agony, of shifting and bouncing during intense physical activity.

We should note that while we have nothing against bouncing packages, it’s worth acknowledging that there is a time and place for everything…

How do I Wear a Jockstrap?

Choose your favourite styles from PUMP! Wait for delivery. Put them on. Feel incredible. It’s honestly that easy – but we’ll explore this a bit more.

A commonly asked question from newcomers is “what jockstrap  size should I buy?” We recommend always checking out the size charts listed to help you make the right choice.

While some people may prefer to size-up for a roomier fit in their boxers or briefs, this isn’t necessarily the case for jocks. Ideally, a cozier fit is best to guarantee that your jock is doing its job as intended. Not only that, your “shapes” will be enhanced, so it’s really a win-win situation to get the right size!

Now that you’ve picked out your perfectly sized jock, you might want to consider adding something else to cover up before hitting the gym. Although we’re totally into the idea of more people working out exclusively in jockstraps, your local establishment’s dress code may differ.

Are Jockstraps any good for everyday wear?

People wonder if jockstraps are exclusively made for working out which is understandable given their roots. We’re here to debunk the misconception that jockstraps are solely designed as activewear.

Sure, the jockstrap was created with a focus on athletics, but this mindset would be limiting the true potential of such a versatile garment. Jocks are designed with breathability and flexibility prioritized – only consisting of a waistband, pouch, and straps – the jockstrap is a super-lightweight piece that encourages unrestricted movement for its wearer making it super comfy!

In addition, the jock is a revealing piece of attire, making it a bold, yet perfect, choice to accentuate your body. Not only does the front pouch provide “enhancing” frontal coverage, the positioning of the leg straps also play to the wearer’s advantage by adding complimentary lift to your butt and firmness to your thighs adding for extra shape and definition.

Although there is absolutely nothing wrong with strictly using your jock for your exercise needs, adding one to your everyday wardrobe is a delightfully playful and spicy option to keep in your back pocket.

Design Over the Years

Since its creation over 140 years ago, the core jockstrap design has remained virtually unaltered – its goal is still to carry your most valuable assets, however, with modern-day aesthetics at play, the jock has become so much more than just a tool for athletes.

The jockstrap has evolved into so much more than just a plain athletic supporter – it has become a fashion staple for men around the globe looking to boldly accentuate themselves. Different sized waistbands, countless material and color options, and complete style variations such as Access Trunks have materialized over the years as the demand for new expressive looks and styles continues to rise.

We’re always excited to see new men who are eager to experience the comfort, versatility, and freedom offered by a jockstrap. At PUMP!, we have a selection of jockstraps to suit all your needs. Alternatively, if you’re a bit more old-school and prefer the all-around coverage provided by boxers, we’ve also got you covered. Whether you’re looking for that fresh new piece for your workout or just want to show yourself off, we know you’ll look your best in PUMP! 

Should you wear a jockstrap under compression shorts?

While the jockstrap-compression-shorts combo would provide an unmatched level of support – it is 100% unnecessary! Compression shorts are enough on their own, pairing them with a jockstrap underneath would simply classify as underwear-overkill. Either grab your jockstrap with a pair of shorts OR just throw on a pair of compression shorts on their own – there’s no sense in doubling up.

Why do NFL players wear jockstrap?

The jockstrap, at its core, is a remarkable tool for any athlete. The front pouch provides support which minimizes movement for your junk while the intentional lack of coverage around back offers exceptional breathability keeping you dry and cool no matter how hot you get. In full-contact sports, the jockstrap can also house a protective cup in its front pouch, keeping your assets extra safe.

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