Departing from traditional choices, the popularity of revealing cuts, bold colors in blocks, and prints for men’s underwear is increasing. This blog aims to show the practical aspects and changing perspectives surrounding these styles. Explore how these options are reshaping the way men approach and perceive their underwear.

Changing perspective

Nowadays, men are now embracing their bodies and expressing their personalities through their choice of underwear. The stigma around bold cuts, prints, and colors has diminished, making it possible to create a diverse range of options that suit individual tastes.

Choosing a pair of underwear is not just about practicality; it’s about making a statement. The underwear drawer has become a form of self-expression, allowing men to break free from conventional norms and embrace their unique style. 

Here are some of the options you can find at PUMP! to give your underwear a revealing touch with a modern edge, each one with different benefits. 


Men’s thongs have been steadily gaining popularity, challenging the norms of conventional underwear. Designed for minimal coverage and maximum comfort, this underwear provides freedom of movement.

With a sleek design that eliminates visible lines and embraces your body shape, PUMP!’s Thongs are for those who want to avoid the bulk of traditional underwear without sacrificing support. Whether it’s for a special occasion or everyday wear, the versatility of thongs gives a new perspective on how to approach underwear choices.

The two styles, the Classic Thong and the Brief Thong, offer different levels of coverage and appeal, besides providing a unique and liberating experience.  


With a distinctive waistband and rear elastics that leave the backside exposed, Jocks are a go-to choice for those who want a sporty look. The design ensures breathability, making them a popular choice for workouts.

Jockstraps have transformed use, going from being used in sports to a fashion garment. Originally designed to provide support during athletic activities, this underwear now offers comfort and style. 

PUMP!’s Jocks come in a variety of designs, from classic to colorful solids to bold patterns and prints. The evolution of jocks from a functional garment to a fashion choice shows the shift in how men perceive and approach their underwear. It’s not just about support during workouts anymore.


The access trunks, similar boxers but with an open back, provide a perfect blend between coverage and flaunt. The open design adds an unexpected twist to a traditional shape, allowing you to highlight your curves while leaving something to the imagination. 

Access trunks come in a variety of materials and colors, allowing you to have options to express your style. 

Prioritizing comfort

The way men’s underwear has evolved has everything to do with comfort and not just aesthetics. Traditionally, comfort has been attached to dull, uninspiring designs, but the modern man demands both comfort and style. 

The materials used in men’s underwear have undergone significant improvements, incorporating breathable fabrics, moisture-wicking technology, and stretchable materials that move with the body. 

The comfort factor is not compromised even in the most revealing cuts like thongs or jocks. Advances in fabric technology ensure that men can wear different cuts without sacrificing the ease of wear. It’s a fusion of functionality and fashion, looking and feeling good.

Give it some color

Another notable change in men’s underwear is the use of colors and bold prints. Gone are the days of just wearing muted tones of black, white, and gray, men now have a spectrum of colors to choose from. Whether it’s bold red, playful turquoise, or vibrant neon, colorful underwear has become a key factor in design. 

This color change once again demonstrates the importance of celebration of personal choice, individuality, and self-expression. Some men are no longer afraid to let their underwear show a little bit under their outfits, adding a pop of color. 


In addition to color combinations and revealing cuts, prints have become a feature in men’s underwear as of late. From classic stripes to patterns, such as graffiti, men now have a variety of options to showcase their personalities through their underwear choices. 

The printed underwear at PUMP! not only focuses on innovation, but the waterless printing process also ensures a clean and sustainable garment. 

The world of men’s underwear has undergone a significant transformation. From thongs challenging traditional notions to jocks making a statement beyond the gym, and access trunks offering a blend of comfort and allure, they contribute to self-expression. 

The perspective on what is acceptable underwear has changed, and the modern man is now able to showcase revealing cuts, prints, and vibrant colors. 

So, head over to and try stepping out of your comfort zone, explore the alluring world of men’s thongs, jocks, and access trunks, and redefine your style from the inside out. 

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