Benefits of Micromesh

Micromesh is the newest underwear “it” trend that has got everybody talking – and it’s no wonder as to why. Crafted from a mesh fabric with microscopic air ventilation spacing, micromesh is the hottest new underwear must have, for both its contemporary design and its reliable and supportive material attributes.


Mesh fabric is known to be light and easy to wear. Add micro air holes, and this easy fabric turns into a flexible, and stretch to size/form-fitting garment that rests easy against the skin, resulting in zero irritation and/or discomfort to the wearer. Micromesh underwear is perfect towards keeping your package securely confined without any constriction.


While other underwear fabrics retain sweat or moisture due to their material limitations, micromesh’s air holes vent out all the bad, ensuring your private regions are always free from clamminess, dampness, or humidity. Micromesh’s breathability prevents any heaviness down under, so you can go about your day without worry or displeasure.


Elasticity is one of micromesh’s key features. Its soft and delicate material characteristics, combined with its micro spacing offers complete freedom of movement. Micromesh stretches without wearing down. This attribute will have your underwear sculpt to your body, mimicking your movement to work with you, rather than pulling back and/or tearing.


In addition to micromesh fabric being comfortable, breathable, and fully supportive, it also has a contemporary look that fuses modern day athleticism with a sultry sex appeal. Micromesh showcases every defined curve of your body through its form-fitting design, while simultaneously exposing soft hints of your skin tone due to it’s micro spacing. The fabric has a sporty edge that shows off just enough to leave them wanting more.