About Us

Founded in Montreal in 2010 by Jason Duval, PUMP! was established as a men’s designer brand with the purpose of providing underwear that blends a sporty aesthetic, support, and comfort.  

Understanding our community’s diverse lifestyle makes it possible to envision underwear and swimwear as a seamless extension of it. To be able to accomplish this synchronicity, design and product development become key. This translates into using fresh ideas with a unique brand identity plus a careful selection of textures, colors, and details. The result is a thought-through garment that reflects the distinctive tastes and personalities of our consumers.   

With quality on top of mind, we meticulously select materials such as fabrics and elastics that are soft and durable, ensuring our garments remain comfortable and in good condition over time. Just as important as the materials is the manufacturing process. Each piece is crafted with precision and care, following the highest standards at the production facilities in Medellín, Colombia, where most of the seamstresses are single mothers that we make sure receive above-standard compensation.   

After more than a decade of existence, getting a grasp of our community has inspired us to expand the universe of PUMP! to more than underwear. We have added lines of swimwear and outerwear, pieces that increase the moments we share with our valued consumers.  

We know sustainability is important! In recent years, we have started to move forward to a more responsible manufacturing process. This is reflected in our choice of eco-friendly materials, like fabrics made from recycled PET bottles, ethical production practices, like waterless printing processes, and recyclable packaging.  

We have come a long way and we certainly do not want to stop here. We expect to increase our responsibility towards the environment by minimizing our ecological footprint. We are innovating our designs and materials which allow us to continue creating products that fulfill the needs of our consumers. Above all, we desire to carry on making pieces that inspire our consumers and remain with them in their most intimate moments.  

Remember, at PUMP!, we’ve got you covered!