Say hello to DRIP, a collection of underwear inspired by the vibrant streetwear lifestyle and the captivating world of graffiti art. But it’s not just about design, this collection offers much more than meets the eye.

Say hello to DRIP, a collection of underwear inspired by the vibrant streetwear lifestyle and the captivating world of graffiti art. But it’s not just about design, this collection offers much more than meets the eye.

Street Art Meets Your Underwear Drawer

The highlight of DRIP is, without a doubt, its eye-catching and unique patterned print. PUMP! has decided to create a design that seamlessly blends street art with fabrics. Give a pop of color to your days with any of the options from this collection.

Picture this, a gray wall that’s been neglected and changed by the passing of time turned into something completely different by the vibrant colors of graffiti. Now, picture those colorful lines adorning your underwear. That’s exactly part of what you get with DRIP.

The print features the PUMP! logo as well as text in graffiti inspired font in vibrant hues that pay homage to its street art origins. This elevates the idea of underwear as a form of fashion and self-expression.

To make it extra special, each piece in the DRIP collection features a unique placement of the print. This means your underwear will be as unique as you are.

Pick Your Style

This collection offers a variety of options to choose from. There are five designs to suit different tastes.

The Boxer: for those that like to keep it classy. This is PUMP!’s shortest-cut boxer yet.

The Brief: for those who prioritize everyday comfort with a touch of allure.

The Access Trunks: for those who like to tease but leave something for the imagination.

The Front Panel Jockstrap: for those who prefer to highlight their assets.

The Jockstrap: for those who give in to revealing, enticing vibes.

No matter which style you choose, you can count on the comfort of a black elastic waistband to keep everything in place. The body of each piece is crafted from high-quality microfiber fabric that is not only moisture-wicking but also highly resistant to wear, heat, and color fading.

So, whether you’re sporting the new short-cut boxer, the fun access trunk, or the revealing jockstrap, you’ll feel comfortable and confident no matter where you are.

Providing Comfort and Protecting the Environment

The DRIP collection takes care of your skin and the environment. The microfiber fabric used in these underwear pieces provides UPF50+ protection, shielding you and the vivid print from the sun’s harmful rays.

But that’s not all. To reduce plastic waste in our environment, PUMP! crafted a special fabric by recycling PET bottles. For every 12 bottles a meter of fabric is made. Additionally, this collection employs a waterless printing process, saving water and still providing a wide range and intensity of colors.

Furthermore, the cutting process is optimized to minimize fabric waste, ensuring that every piece is truly one-of-a-kind. By choosing the DRIP collection, you’re contributing to a more sustainable and eco-conscious future.

Artistic History in the Comuna 13

To capture the authentic essence of graffiti and its profound impact on a community, PUMP! selected Comuna 13, a district in Medellín, Colombia, as the backdrop for its campaign photoshoots. This community, once plagued by violence, has undergone a remarkable transformation with the help of local graffiti artists and government initiatives.

The streets, once characterized by bullet holes, have been used as canvases to narrate the stories of its turbulent past and the hope of its present. Graffiti art adds vibrancy to the community and allows the people to reclaim their streets and express their culture, history, and pride for Medellín.

The inspiration drawn from Comuna 13’s street art is evident in the campaign photos as it blends with the design. Graffiti is a testament to the power of art and its ability to transform lives and communities.

The DRIP collection is more than just underwear. It’s a celebration of individuality, and a reminder of the positive impact art can have, specifically street art like graffiti. Beyond the striking print, sexy cuts, and environmentally friendly materials, DRIP inspires you to be bold when expressing yourself and to embrace your uniqueness.

This collection is a direct result of PUMP!’s consistent commitment to quality and creativity. It shows that settling for ordinary should never be a choice when you can opt for high-quality, unique garments.

Say goodbye to your dull underwear and make room in your wardrobe for DRIP. Visit our online store to get any of the underwear cuts PUMP! has for you. Start infusing your days with vibrant hues that complement your unique character and bold personality.