A quick look at how pump! does it

For every PUMP! collection, we’ve maintained a consistent styling rooted deep in our core: ideas that intersect sport-inspired aesthetics with quality. This vision has established PUMP! in the men’s underwear market as a designer underwear brand with an iconic direction, that continuously delivers exceptional quality.

PUMP! constantly develops exciting new styles and collections. This as an excellent opportunity to give you an exclusive inside look at how the creative team takes an idea from concept to ready-to-wear.

A Creatively Fueled Process

The journey of a new collection begins much like any other creative process: with a lot of research! The team begins establishing the desired tone of a collection by brainstorming and pulling inspiration from action-packed Sport precedents and visuals

The team makes use of moodboarding in this conceptual design phase. Moodboards are one of the best tools for compiling and articulating a collection’s direction made up of sports aesthetics, colors, fabrics, textures and other relevant elements relating to the collection concept. We use this tool to find inspiration and direct the development of each collection created.

For instance, the NightLight collection was incited by the dreamy glow of a late-night city’s skyline, inspiring a pitch-black collection of underwear with brilliant orange accents.

The concept for the Switch collection, on the other hand, was aroused by more indulgent precedents. To create this licentious black-on-black webbed mesh underwear collection with a scintillating chrome threaded logo on the waistband.

The Switch collection also saw the initial release of the revealing Sidecut Briefs style

This conceptual design process is key to every single collection. It allows to collaboratively express and contribute to the individual understandings and perspectives which results in a solidified, cohesive, and mutual direction within the PUMP! Design team.

In-House Capabilities

Internally, a team of multi-disciplinary minds has been created. As a brand, we are excited to bring together professionals with diverse perspectives that share a collective vision: making exceptional underwear. This in-house team is vital to the operation as it energizes the creative process on every project.

PUMP! carries its own in-house manufacturing team. This is where all designs become ready-to-wear fashion. They, as much as the design team, play a key role in realizing the vision of each collection.

The manufacturing team takes concepts from the prototype phase through to production relying on traditional and cutting-edge garment manufacturing techniques. On the colourful and high-spirited Play collection, a different technical approach during production was used. By employing a dye sublimation process to the waistband design, rather than the familiar styling of the woven jacquard, resulting in a unique and lustrous finish, fitting to the collection’s playful direction.

Quality has always been a top priority. With this in mind, details in the overall material of the products are carefully overseen. Retaining an internal manufacturing team allows great conditions for ensured quality management and assurance, certifying high standards to wearers around the world.

Collaborating with External Talent

Internally, the team is comprised of passionate individuals who conceptualize the core direction of all PUMP! projects. Although internally there is a well-versed creative vision, collaborating with external talent helps compliment a project and add a better outcome.

On the SportBoy collection, we took things right back to our roots with a varsity inspired direction. To showcase the unrestricted range of motion and performance of PUMP! underwear, vigorous athletes took part in the campaign, including Olympic gymnasts. This resulted in an action-packed campaign video and photoshoot of the collection, check out the video here.

PUMP! has worked alongside a diverse range of talent including breathtaking models, expert photographers and videographers, stylists, and many other masters of their craft. Every assigned individual contributes their own distinct abilities which allows for every photoshoot, video, and collection created to be realized uniquely.

The intention to create bold ready-to-wear apparel that makes no compromises to quality or comfort, remains untouched. PUMP! pieces are the outcome of the combined creative process, collective perspectives, and passion for design. We are proud of the collections we create, and the steps taken to ensure they are only the best for our fans.

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