Get ready to give your closet an upgrade with the PUMP! Athletic Crew Socks and Striped Tank Tops, a fusion of performance and design, inspired by the timeless allure of stripes and the dynamic influence of baseball on fashion. 

A Fashion Staple and Baseball’s Influence

Stripes have been a symbol of classic sophistication and versatility in the world of fashion. From bold horizontal lines to subtle pinstripes, this pattern adds depth and dimension to any outfit. Whether you’re going for a casual look or dressing up for a night out, stripes effortlessly. For these socks and tank tops, PUMP! embraced the appeal of stripes, infusing them with a modern edge to create pieces that portray a classic sporty essence.  

This sporty essence comes from baseball, which is a quintessential sport and pastime in the US and a source of fashion inspiration. The imagery of the sport, from team uniforms to equipment, has impacted the clothes industry. The sport’s rich history, vibrant colors, and graphics have influenced everything from streetwear to high fashion on numerous occasions, in the past and the present. 

PUMP! has embraced baseball’s influence on different occasions and this time it channeled the energy and spirit from the sport to create a set of Crew socks and Tank Tops.  

A Blend of Stripes and Design

Leaving the inspiration aside, it’s time to focus on the fundamental features of these garments, which are not just about looking good; they’re designed to enhance your performance and comfort, whether you’re hitting the gym or stepping out to a more social scene.  

The Athletic Crew Socks come in two distinct designs and eight color combinations, showcasing the blend of sporty aesthetics and functional features.  

The first design has a classic ribbed leg with the iconic PUMP! logo, and an archband, these features provide support and a secure fit, while the terry knit on the footbed gives extra cushioning and comfort. The color-striped design on the sole and the contrasting colors on the toe, heel, and cuff add a playful touch of color.  

The second design keeps the sporty appeal with the ribbed leg and a prominent P! logo on it and in the instep. Just like the previous design, they also have a terry knit on the footbed for cushioning, and an elastic band in the arch that provides support 

Whether you’re on the move or relaxing at home, these two styles of socks deliver functionality in every step. 

Moving on to our Striped Tank Tops, designed with eco-friendly materials, performance-enhancing features, and eye-catching elements. The micromesh used is made with 100% recycled PET bottles, making them lightweight and breathable options to stay covered and fresh.  
The integrated UVPF 50+ protects the fabric and prevents the colors from fading. The quick-drying technology keeps you cool and comfortable throughout the day, no matter the activity you’re doing.  

Another sustainable feature is the PUMP! Patchdesigned in the shapes of a lightning bolt, an eight ball, and a star – made without using phthalate and lead inks, creating a less impactful process to the environment. The baseball stitching on the back and the piping around the collar complete the design by providing durability. 

You can choose from any of the three-color combinations – sky, navy, or black – options that can complement underwear and outerwear from PUMP!, besides your existing active wear.

The Athletic Crew Socks and Striped Tank Tops are more than just outerwear; they’re a reflection of PUMP!’s dedication to innovation and sustainability. Whether you decide to embrace the timeless charm of stripes or tap into the dynamic spirit of baseball-inspired fashion, these socks and Tank tops are designed to give your wardrobe a must-have option that is sporty while keeping it classic. 

Step into a world where every detail matters, from eco-friendly materials to thoughtful design elements that make an impression and elevate your outfits with fashion that has a purpose and showcases your personality.